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The Graduate Division can provide information concerning University policy about graduate admissions.

 Graduate Studies
Physics Department Forms

These are the department specific forms for the Physics Graduate Program.

1. Application Procedures
  Application deadlines for all applicants are January 15 (Fall) and August 1 (Spring)
2. Graduate Evaluation Form
  Preferred method of receiving letters of recommendation is this form. Three forms must be sent to the department to satisfy this admissions requirement.
3. Grad Assistantship Application
  Form used to apply for either a Teaching or Research Assistantship within the department. Appointees must have satisfactory academic record, and adequate background in major. Recipients will receive a tuition waiver and monthly stipend. This is not required for admission.
4. Summary Sheet
  Summary of personal information and a synopsis of exam scores, and degrees received/expected. Must be sent in with application for admission.
5. Waiver of Access
  This form is a voluntary declaration that you waive your right to access confidential documents concerning your application for admission, financial aid, trainee ships, etc. at the University of Hawaii. This form must be included with your applications packet.


Graduate Program Forms
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Graduate Program Forms

Department Forms

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